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Extreme Poverty

Understanding & Responding to Extreme Poverty

To understand Ethiopia's situation, we need to understand extreme poverty. While there are many ways to understand extreme poverty, we can think of as a point along a continuum. On one end, we have "inconveniently poor," and at the other end, we have "life-threatening poverty."

Inconvenienced by desires

Some people think they are poor because they are 'not rich'--they do not have everything they want. This can be a state of mind of people who live in developed countries who watch television and see things they want, but cannot afford.

Inconvenienced by choices

Some people think they are poor because toward the end of the month, they do not have enough money to buy everything they would like to buy.

Dependent on others

Some people think they are poor because they are dependent on others for a place to live or food. Usually, this is the case in wealthy countries, where governments have the resources to help people who cannot work due to illness, aging, or lack of qualifications or opportunities.

Life threatening poverty

People living in extreme poverty are 'dangerously poor,' their lives are threatened by starvation and disease and their government does not have the resources to help them.

The Price of Extreme Poverty

In extremely poor countries, poverty is not an inconvenience, it is a death sentence!

Ethiopia is Extremely Poor

Extreme Poverty is Extreme Loss

 Loss of Natural Capital

Loss of Social Capital

Helping Extremely Poor People

The Big Question

A New Approach

The Praxis Ethiopia Foundation

Support at the Highest Levels

Ethiopia's Prime Minister supports the Foundation

On 25 January 2002, His Excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi graciously accepted our invitation to serve as the Patron of Praxis Ethiopia and His Excellency served as the Honorary Chairperson of the Foundation's Board of Directors until his death in 2012.

Ethiopia's President supports the Foundation

In September 2005, His Excellency Ato Girma Wolde Giorgis made the opening address at Praxis Ethiopia's inaugural event at the Sheraton Addis, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In his address, the President referred to Praxis Ethiopia as the "World Bank of Ideas and Innovations."

You Can Help Praxis Ethiopia to Help Ethiopia

One from All

The Foundation's "One from All, All for One" Program helps service clubs contribute to community-driven poverty reduction. If your service club would like to support the work of The Praxis Ethiopia Foundation and would like to contribute one dollar per member per month to this cause, please click here to learn more.

Change for Change

The Foundation's "Change for Change" Program helps places of worship contribute to community-driven poverty reduction. To participate in the program, your Place of Worship would designate one service (or more) each month during which people could give their spare change to support the Foundation's work. Then every few months, your place of worship would send a check to the Foundation for the amount of money collected. If your place of worship would like to participate in the Change for Change Program, please click here to learn more.


The Praxis Ethiopia Foundation is an independent, US-based, 501(c)(3) publicly-supported charity created to help end extreme poverty in Ethiopia and sub-Sahara Africa