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Nominate a Place of Worship or a Civic Club to Become a Supporting Partner of Praxis Ethiopia

We need your help. Praxis Ethiopia exists because people support the Foundation's work.

We have two programs designed to build partnerships with groups of people who want to work together to help end extreme poverty: Change for Change, and One From All. Please consider nominating your place of worship or your civic or service club to participate in one of these programs.

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Places of Worship

Change for Change, is for places of worship (i.e., churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and any other places people gather to practice their faith and honor our creator). Places of worship participating in the Change for Change program, set aside one worship service each month to collect spare change that will be used to help end extreme poverty. Quarterly or semi-annually, the place of worship forwards a check to the Foundation as their contribution to helping end extreme poverty.

Civic & Service Clubs

One From All, is a program for civic and service clubs (i.e., Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, Masons, Lions, Optimists, Rotary, and any other clubs interested in helping to end extreme poverty). Clubs participating in the One From All program contribute one dollar per member per month toward ending extreme poverty.

Every organization participating in a supporting partners program will be listed on this site.

If you would like to nominate a group, please complete the following form.

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The Praxis Ethiopia Foundation is an independent, US-based, 501(c)(3) publicly-supported charity created to help end extreme poverty in Ethiopia and sub-Sahara Africa